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Assess person-job fit and improve satisfaction and engagement

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What if you could identify people who will enjoy their work?


When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense: people who enjoy the kinds of tasks they need to perform at work are going to be more satisfied and engaged.


For example, if you really like getting out and about and talking to people, then you’re more likely to be satisfied with a role that has you regularly interacting with others.


Or, if you love numbers and spreadsheets, you’re probably going to be quite happy in a role that requires you to spend the bulk of your time immersed in profit and loss statements and accounts.


All of these things are work preferences, and the Revelian Work Preferences Profile is an incredibly valid and reliable way to understand each candidate’s unique preferences and how they compare to the requirements of the role.

What are the benefits of the Work Preferences Profile?


Work preferences are the foundation of job satisfaction. And while we could write a whole essay on the importance of job satisfaction, we’ll keep this short and sweet.


Employees who find their job fulfilling are more likely to:


  • Be highly productive
  • Have fewer days off from work
  • Stay with your company for longer
  • Perform better at their job
  • Pick up new tasks quickly and enthusiastically
  • Be a positive influence on their co-workers and the business in general.


On top of decreased employee turnover and absenteeism, job satisfaction can also reduce a person’s stress levels and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. It might seem extreme to suggest that a work preferences profile can lead you to a happier, healthier workforce… but it’s true!


Job fit


Job satisfaction


84 questions


15 mins (un-timed)

Case Study 

Revelian case study

A federal regulatory authority found a strong relationship between candidate RWPP scores and their subsequent performance ratings and likelihood of promotion.

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What’s the research behind work preferences?


Extensive research consistently shows that there is a strong connection between a person’s satisfaction at work and how well their preferences match their job requirements (a concept you’ll often hear referred to as ‘job fit’).


This correlation makes perfect sense logically – even without the research behind it – but it’s important to know that this connection is backed by valid and reliable studies.


The diagram illustrates how a high or low level of ‘congruence’ (job fit) can directly influence an employee’s job satisfaction.

Diagram showing congruence between work preferences and job requirements

How does the Work Preferences Profile work?


The assessment asks candidates to choose which out of 2 tasks they would prefer to complete.


There are 84 questions in total, and it takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Example work preferences profile question

What reports will I receive?


When your candidates complete the assessment, their responses are analysed against 8 key areas, which are applicable to all industries and occupations:


Quantitative Do they enjoy looking at data, calculating numbers and working with numerical concepts?
Investigative Do they find satisfaction in researching, making scientific enquiries and applying logical reasoning?
Clerical Do they enjoy taking care of administrative tasks?
Manual Are they happy when working with their hands?
Interpersonal How much do they like interacting with other people?
Creative Do they like coming up with innovative ideas and expressing themselves artistically?
Selling Do they enjoy promoting or selling products/services?
Mobile Are they happy to work outdoors and move from site to site?

Our algorithm then compares their responses to the role requirements, (which is usually supplied by the manager or incumbent) to calculate the degree of match.


You’ll receive a report that shows the overall percentage match against the role requirements, as well as a breakdown of the level of match across each of the 8 categories.

Overall work preferences match
Breakdown of work preferences match across 8 categories

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