Verbal Reasoning Test

Predict the verbal aspects of a candidate’s future job performance

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Need to know which of your candidates have the best comprehension abilities and strongest communication skills?


The Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test gives you an accurate snapshot of each applicant’s capacity to solve problems through discussion and understand verbal instructions.

Why should I bother with a verbal reasoning test?

Many roles require a high level of verbal ability. In certain roles, successful employees need to be able to communicate complex information effectively. In others, they need to be able to understand highly technical reports, or draw conclusions based on written information.


Generally speaking, people who score well in the verbal reasoning test can:


  • Quickly grasp written concepts
  • Effectively solve problems using verbal information
  • Make sound logical decisions involving words and verbal information.

At a glance


Verbal reasoning ability


Verbal aspects of job performance


35 questions


10 mins (timed)

How does the test work?

Candidates have only 10 minutes to complete as many questions as they can out of 35 questions, which get progressively more difficult as the test progresses. Most candidates won’t complete all 35 questions within the time limit.


Each candidate sits a unique test with randomly generated questions, delivered through our Linear-on-the-Fly (LOTF) item-streaming software. With this system in place, candidates cannot copy other people or memorise the correct answers. This ensures the results you receive are a fair and accurate representation of each applicant’s ability to work with verbal information.


To do well in the test, the person must absorb information and then use their understanding of that information to answer questions correctly. While this is the overall premise of the assessment, there is actually a diverse mixture of question types that can appear. For example, a question might:


  • Present the candidate with a passage to read and a factual question based on the information in the passage, or
  • Ask the candidate to identify a word or phrase that doesn’t belong in a list by using logic.

Verbal reasoning example question

What results will I receive?

After your candidates have taken the Revelian Verbal Reasoning Test, you’ll receive a detailed yet easy-to-understand report for each candidate, as well as a report that ranks all of your candidates in order of suitability.


To make informed decisions about each candidate, you can also compare their results with up to three normative comparison groups:

  • Your current workforce or a particular team
  • Employed adults in general
  • A particular management level (such as graduates)
  • A particular industry group (e.g. finance, engineering, resources).

The report can illustrate a person’s results against all three of these normative groups simultaneously, giving you a handy point of reference for identifying where your candidates sit on a variety of relevant spectrums.


While verbal reasoning is often an important aspect of a work role, it’s important to remember that it’s only one aspect. If you want to assess general mental ability or aptitude, we recommend using the cognitive ability test, which measures verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning in a single assessment.

Example position report - verbal reasoning
Example individual report - verbal reasoning

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