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Reveal which candidates’ values are aligned to your organisation’s culture

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What if you could predict engagement and tenure before you hire?


Any time you hire someone for your organisation, there’s a question that lurks in the back of your mind: How long is this person really going to stick around?


The ideal candidate isn’t just someone who will excel in their position; you want someone who will provide a long-term solution for your organisation. After all, staff turnover is a logistical pain point experienced throughout the business world.


But how can hiring managers build a team of people who are keen to play the long game? And how can HR professionals predict if a promising candidate is likely to become a committed and loyal employee? That’s where Revelian comes in.


Our Values Inventory provides you with invaluable insight into what aspects of a job candidates value the most. When you compare this with your organisation’s values, you can quickly determine who will be a great (and potentially long-lasting) fit for your team. This correlation is illustrated in the diagram below.

Why should I use the values inventory?


You can use the Revelian Values Inventory to hire people whose values align with those of your organisation. By doing so, you can experience multiple benefits such as:


  • Improved productivity
  • Increased employee retention
  • Less voluntary turnover.


And that’s only the beginning. Beyond staying with your organisation for longer and committing more to their work, an employee with the same values as your existing team is also more likely to:


  • Be supportive of your business objectives
  • Speak positively about your company, both internally and externally
  • Proactively assist other colleagues with tasks
  • Perform voluntary activities, such as organising office parties and doing their part to keep the workplace clean.


These types of traits emerge largely because employees who fit in with an organisation’s culture tend to have much higher levels of job satisfaction – a factor that is crucial to the cohesion and overall success of any group.


Cultural fit, values alignment


Organisational commitment


20 questions


10 mins (un-timed)

Case Study

Revelian assessments case study

A federal regulatory authority found that employees who scored well on the RVI had higher performance ratings, longer tenure and greater likelihood of promotion than those receiving lower scores.

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How does the test work?


This assessment looks at 20 key work factors and analyses how much weight a candidate places on each one. This is done through a straightforward process of dragging and dropping different statements into a ranked hierarchy that extends from ‘Most Important’ to ‘Least Important’. Each of the factors included has been identified as a significant influencing component of commitment and job satisfaction.


The Revelian Values Inventory is un-timed, and usually takes around 10 minutes to complete.

What results will I receive?


Once your candidates complete the assessment, our algorithm will measure how well their ranked values align with the organisation’s ranked values (which are provided by a values audit we conduct for you, or by a manager providing them).


You’ll receive a report that shows the overall percentage match against the organisation’s values, as well as a breakdown of the level of match across each of the 20 values categories.

Values inventory overall score
Individual report - values inventory

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