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Hiring top performers will improve your bottom line

Your best employees are worth their weight in gold and, naturally, you want to hire more people like them.

Research shows that top performers have a tangible impact on your organisation’s success, across all roles and industries. Here are just some of those findings.

Increase productivity

Multiple studies have shown that the top 5% of employees can produce up to 4 times the output of the rest of the team.

Reduce involuntary turnover

Research consistently shows that top performers are less likely to be asked to leave due to poor performance.

This means you can reduce the high cost of replacing employees because they can’t perform to the standard you need.

Improve time to productivity

Getting a new employee successfully trained and on-boarded takes time.

Top performers can learn the ropes more quickly and respond more effectively to training.

Identifying top performers can be simple

Top performers are easy to identify, right? They have the right skills, qualifications, years of experience, or GPA. They interview well and perform impressively at assessment centres. Their references are impeccable.


The truth is that while all of these factors can help you identify your best candidates, the reality is even simpler.


From analysing over 85 years of research across 32,000 job applicants and 500 different jobs, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter came to a surprising conclusion. They found that the factors that we typically rely on aren’t actually as good at predicting performance as we might think.


What they did discover was this:


A valid cognitive ability or general mental ability (GMA) assessment is the single best and most effective way of predicting performance at work, regardless of industry, role type or location.


Time and time again, in job after job, they found that people with higher cognitive ability were more likely to:

  • Learn more quickly
  • Respond well to training
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Have superior reasoning skills.
General Mental Ability (GMA, also known as cognitive ability) can be considered the primary personnel measure for hiring decisions and one can consider the remaining personnel measures as supplements to GMA measures.Schmidt & Hunter, 1988

Choose an assessment method that suits you best

Cognitive ability | Revelian

Traditional cognitive ability test 

A 20 minute timed test, assessing verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning in a single package.

Game-based assessment

Games that uses the same psychometric methods as traditional tests, but are far more engaging and fun for your candidates.

Separate ability tests

Short 10-12 minute timed tests that assess individual aspects of cognitive ability: verbal, numerical or abstract reasoning.

Profile and benchmark your organisation

We’ll assess the cognitive ability levels of your top performers, (using either games or the traditional test – it’s your choice) so you can make sure your new hires meet or exceed that level.

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