Theme Park Hero

Candidate assessment wrapped in fun, engaging gameplay

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Our very first game-based assessment, Theme Park Hero, is revolutionising the way businesses hire new employees.

While the game is bright and fun on the surface, there’s some serious psychometrics going on behind the scenes. This makes the testing more enjoyable for candidates while still providing you with the detailed data you need to choose the best person for the job.

About the game

Each candidate takes on the role of park manager. They are charged with keeping the park operating effectively and solving any problems that come up. During the ‘day’ (about 10 minutes of real time), they will complete several tasks, including:


  • Popping specific labelled balloons for a special event
  • Planning and constructing a new water park attraction
  • Calculating the values of various token combinations
  • Fixing a broken rollercoaster.

The mini-games are inspired by traditional psychometric tests. So while the above tasks might sound like a bit of light fun, they actually work in the same way as typical psychometric assessments. Each task measures slightly different aptitudes, and taken as a whole, the game gives you a valid and reliable indication of each candidate’s mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude and numerical processing ability.


Mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude, numerical processing ability


Future job performance


4 psychometric games set in a theme park


The full game takes around 10 minutes

Why should I use Theme Park Hero?

There are many things that make Theme Park Hero one of Revelian’s most popular resources for hiring managers, business owners, and recruiters. For instance, the game:


  • Captures multiple data streams, so you get comprehensive insights into each candidate’s abilities and preferences
  • Provides all this insight through a brief, fun and engaging package
  • Takes advantage of strong, well-established psychometric properties
  • Ensures your candidates aren’t faking or preparing their responses
  • Offers a rich and positive recruitment experience for candidates, which enhances your company’s brand and makes you a more desirable employer.

When you use Theme Park Hero, you’ll also have access to our support team seven days a week.

Key elements of the gameplay experience

  • The narrative is deep and engaging despite only being a 10-minute game.
  • Fully guided tutorial sequences ensure candidates know how to succeed.
  • Instant player feedback keeps candidates aware of how well they are going.
  • The games progressively get more difficult.
  • Player actions are measured in real time.

Most candidates (about 80%) say that Theme Park Hero is fun, refreshing and innovative.

Theme Park Hero game elements

What happens after ‘game over’?

Theme Park Hero is underpinned by a validated predictive psychometric framework. This means the reports you receive will contain valuable, reliable information to reveal which people on your shortlist have high potential.


Just like the game itself, the reports are easy to digest, as well as simple enough for any manager to interpret. This allows you to compare your candidates and make decisions quickly and confidently.

Theme Park Hero results

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