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You need to know whether your candidates have the right skills

It’s unfortunate but true: many candidates will exaggerate their level of skill or ability in a resume and interview. When jobs require particular skills, it’s important to make sure that your candidates have the required level to perform the role effectively.

And if you’re a recruiter, you need to know before you place someone if they can actually do what they say they can.

Find out the truth

 Studies show around 60% of candidates exaggerate their level of skill or experience in a resume or interview, because they believe no-one will follow it up.

Up-skilling costs your business

Clearly, if particular skills are essential for the role, then hiring someone without those skills means lower productivity. If the gap is discovered, then it’s a difficult choice: continue as you are, dismiss the employee and go back to the market, or spend time and money up-skilling your new employees to the level you require.

Testing skills early on saves you time and money

Hiring is difficult and expensive and no-one wants to waste their time on candidates who don’t have the right stuff for the job.

Find out early on whether your candidates are eligible to progress further in your recruitment process with simple, inexpensive and fast testing solutions.

Get a huge range of reliable and valid skills tests

When you choose Revelian as your skills testing provider, you’re getting access to everything you need to paint a clear, objective and accurate picture of each candidate you consider.

You can use the tests on their own and simply focus on the kinds of skills you require for the role, or you can go one step further and examine other attributes that help you identify the best people, such as whether they’ll be a top performer; if they’re likely to be engaged and committed to the job; if they’ll fit in well with existing teams; and if they’re likely to behave safely and avoid counterproductive behaviour at work.

Our technical skills tests are developed and validated by industry experts, and they examine real-life scenarios and skills that will be required on the job. They’re relevant for all role types, including entry-level logistics and trades roles, through to high-level programming languages and software.

The right skills tests to verify candidate abilities

We offer over 800 unique skills tests, designed and validated by industry experts. You can view the full range and search for tests here.


Microsoft suite, including Word & Excel and more


Includes typing speed, data entry

Call centre

Includes telephone etiquette, listening skills


Includes basic industrial skills and arithmetic


Includes bookkeeping, MYOB and more


Includes medical typing, medical terminology


Includes Java entry level, SQL server


Includes legal typing, legal spelling

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