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Why should I choose Revelian skills tests?

Industry and subject matter experts have developed and validated the 900+ skills tests we provide, so you can rely on them to be accurate and up-to-date. Our assessments focus on real-life scenarios that your employees are likely to actually face while at work.


We offer an extremely comprehensive set of tests: from dental assistants to data analysis specialists, we have useful assessments for virtually any position you might be looking to fill.


Microsoft suite, including Word & Excel and more


Includes typing speed, data entry

Call centre

Includes telephone etiquette, listening skills


Includes basic industrial skills and arithmetic


Includes bookkeeping, MYOB and more


Includes medical typing, medical terminology


Includes Java entry level, SQL server


Includes legal typing, legal spelling

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How do the tests work?

Each test is a little different.

Tests like data entry or typing speed (shown on the right) ask candidates to perform a task, while Call Centre tests ask candidates what they would do in different scenarios.

What reports will I receive?

Again, the format of your reports will differ depending on the nature of the test. In most reports, you’ll see information about:

  • Time to complete
  • Number of questions correct
  • Percent correct
  • Percentile ranking (how the candidate has ranked compared to others completing the test)
  • Global average (the percentage of people the candidate’s score has exceeded).

Most reports will also show you a detailed breakdown of each question, so you can see how long the candidate spent on it, its level of difficulty, and whether they got it correct or incorrect.

Example typing test

Example typing speed test

Example mechanical reasoning test report

Example skills test report