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Assessments to help you identify the best people

Get access to all of Revelian’s most popular recruitment and development assessments to use when and how you need them.

Aptitude Assessments

Cognitive Ability | Revelian

Cognitive Ability Test

Identify people who will learn quickly, reason effectively and solve problems.

Seperate Ability Test | Revelian

Separate Ability Tests

Focus on just one aspect of ability: verbal, numerical or abstract reasoning ability.

Culture & Engagement Assessments

Values Inventory | Revelian

Values Inventory (Culture Fit)

Predict organisational commitment by measuring how well the candidate’s work-related values match the organisation’s values.

Work Preferences | Revelian

Work Preferences (Role Fit)

Predict job satisfaction by measuring how well the candidate’s task preferences match the requirements of the role.

Risk & Safety Assessments

Game-based Assessment - Theme Park Hero | Revelian

Work Safety Assessment

Identify people who are more likely to behave safely at work and avoid risky behaviour.

Game-based Assessment - Theme Park Hero | Revelian

Reliability Scale

Identify whether a candidate is likely to be trustworthy and reliable.

Next Generation Assessments

Cognify | Revelian

Game-based Assessment: Cognify

A set of 5-7 mini-games or puzzles that measure problem-solving, numerical reasoning, processing speed, and verbal knowledge. Suitable for all roles.

Behavioural Profile| Revelian

Game-based Assessment – Theme Park Hero

An engaging and interactive way to understand a candidate’s mental agility, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude, attention and numerical reasoning ability.

Personality & EI

Behavioural Profile | Revelian

Behavioural Profile

Understand how people prefer to interact with others, deal with rules and procedures, and solve problems.

Emotional Intelligence | Revelian

Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)

Understand how well candidates can identify and manage their own and other people’s emotions.

Behavioural Profile| Revelian

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire

Get a more comprehensive profile of a person, with an in-depth assessment of the unique characteristics that underlie and influence their behaviour.

Skills Assessments

Skills Tests | Revelian

900+ Skills Tests

Measure technical and practical skills to ensure candidates have the skills required for the role.

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