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Are you hiring for a role that involves crunching numbers or making decisions based on numerical information?


Our numerical reasoning test is a critical component of your pre-selection assessment if you need someone who can handle mathematical data.

Why should I assess numerical reasoning?

The Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test is an excellent predictor of job performance for a wide variety of positions.

A person who achieves a high score in this assessment is more likely to:

  • Quickly grasp numerical concepts
  • Effectively solve problems using numerical information
  • Make sound, logical decisions involving numbers.

Even if you don’t need an employee who can find the value of X in an algebraic equation, this test can help you differentiate your candidates in a valuable way.



Numerical reasoning ability


Numerical aspects of job performance


25 questions


12 mins (timed)

How does the test work?

The Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test gives candidates 12 minutes to answer as many questions out of 25 as they can. This ensures the applicant is being tested on how accurately and how quickly they can respond to numerical questions and solve mathematical problems. Most candidates won’t complete all 25 questions in the time limit.


Each candidate sits a unique test in which answers are ordered randomly. This is facilitated by our Linear-on-the-Fly (LOTF) item-streaming software. With this system in place, candidates cannot copy other people or memorise the correct answers. This ensures the results you receive are a fair and accurate representation of each applicant’s ability to work with numbers.


A wide variety of question types is included in each assessment. For example, a particular question might ask you to:

  • Choose the correct number to complete a sequence, or
  • Calculate an equation, or
  • Interpret data from a table or graph.

Once the test is completed, our software uses the correctly answered questions to generate an instant report on each candidate’s capabilities and potential job performance.

Numerical reasoning example question

What results will I receive?

Though our assessments have been developed and reviewed by registered psychologists, our reports are designed for easy interpretation by managers. The reports include ranked lists of candidates based on their assessment scores, which makes it quick and easy to identify who to progress to the next round in your recruitment process.

To make informed decisions about each candidate, you can also compare their results with up to three of the following normative groups:

  • Your current workforce
  • Employed adults in general
  • A particular management level (such as graduates)
  • A particular industry group (e.g. finance, engineering, resources).

Keep in mind that numerical reasoning – even if it’s crucial to your business – is only one box that a candidate may or may not check. If you want to assess general mental ability or aptitude, we recommend using the cognitive ability test, which measures verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning in a single assessment.

Example position report - verbal reasoning
Example individual report - numerical reasoning

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