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Identify and develop exceptional leaders

Before you hire

It’s unfortunate but true: brilliant minds don’t always make brilliant leaders. Assessing your graduates and/or other future leaders for emotional intelligence (EI) before you hire gives you the upper hand: a pool of high potential future leaders who are more likely to be inspiring, resilient and effective communicators.


And assessing for cognitive ability – also known as general mental ability – means that you’re identifying candidates who have the ‘raw horsepower’ or ability to think strategically and solve complex and often difficult problems.


Your next generation of leaders is the future of your organisation. Get the tools you need to identify your next wave of leaders (pre- and post-hire), understand how they’re currently performing and where their gaps lie.


It’s also critical to assess your future leaders’ emotional intelligence (EI) to help them understand their strengths and areas for improvement, so you can make sure your leaders have what it takes to inspire and motivate their teams.

Emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT)

A 40 minute un-timed assessment that examines the person’s actual EI abilities, rather than how they perceive themselves.

Emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT) for development

Like the pre-hire version, this EI assessment examines actual abilities rather than how the person perceives themselves. This development version shows areas of strength and areas for development, with suggestions for how to improve each area.

Build more effective and collaborative teams

Pre- and post-hire

The most effective teams have a multitude of different behavioural styles and preferences. The advantage that a high-performance team has over a low-performing team is this: firstly, the high-performance team has the right mix of styles and attitudes and secondly, they understand that each person is different and  brings unique and valuable perspectives to the table.


Revelian assessments can help you to find people who either match the styles of your most successful team members (when you want more people like your best) or offer a unique style that your team is lacking. And, once you’ve hired people, you can help your teams get a better understanding of each person’s styles and preferences, and how they can work together for maximum effectiveness.

Behavioural profile (DISC)

A short 10-minute, un-timed assessment you can use when hiring people, or post-hire to help your people and teams get a better understanding of themselves, each other, and how to work together more effectively.

Group behavioural profile (DISC)

Invite a group of your existing team to complete the 10-minute behavioural profile assessment, and get a map of everyone’s styles to see how they compare and how they can work together more effectively.

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