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 Candidates prefer game-based assessments

Don’t you wish there was a way to predict how candidates will perform at work, that still used the same robust and validated psychometric principles as traditional tests, but was fun and engaging for candidates?


Now there is.


Game-based assessments are the next generation of psychometric testing.


  • Instead of asking your candidates to complete a test that feels like a test, they get to play a series of games. That’s a win for them, and your employer brand.
  • We collect thousands of data points for each candidate, so get a much more accurate image of their abilities than a simple questionnaire with right and wrong answers.
  • Our unique custom-developed game analytics engine examines each candidate’s data and gives you results based on their mental agility, cognitive speed, attention span, spatial aptitude and numerical reasoning.

Enhance your employer brand, get robust results

When you use game-based assessments as part of your recruitment process, you’re not only identifying the best candidates quickly, accurately and enjoyably.


You’re also telling your prospective employees that you’re an innovative employer, and that you care about the experience your candidates go through to become part of your team.


Your candidates become immersed in the games and forget they’re completing an assessment, which means they’re less stressed, and you get more authentic data about their performance.


We collect all of the data from their performance and analyse it using the same psychometric tools and principles you trust, so you can be confident that you’re getting the same robust results you expect from a traditional psychometric assessment.

Available game-based assessments

Theme Park Hero Game based assessment

Theme Park Hero


Our first game-based assessment asks candidates to play the role of a theme park manager. They need to complete various tasks throughout the day, including designing a new water park, fixing a broken rollercoaster and popping balloons for charity.


The game includes 4 distinct mini-games and measures overall cognitive ability and specific components including mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude and numerical processing ability.


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After releasing Theme Park Hero in 2015, clients told us that the abilities measured by the game were critical for almost every role, from entry level to executive. They asked if we could build something more generic that would appeal to all candidates and provide a clean, modern, professional experience.


Enter Cognify. Based on the highly respected Cattell-Horn-Carroll model of intelligence, Cognify offers 6 mini-games that measure essential attributes for almost every role, including problem solving, numerical reasoning and verbal knowledge.


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