Game-based psychometric assessment

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You know and trust traditional psychometric tests. They’ve been through a rigorous development and validation process – and they work. The problem is, they haven’t changed much at all in the past 50 years.


Introducing Revelian Cognify, the next generation of cognitive ability assessment for recruitment. Built on the foundations of traditional psychometrics while enhanced by game design thinking and technology advances to offer a simply better candidate assessment experience.

Winner Serious Games 2016

  • Problem Solving
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Knowledge

Future work performance, e.g. dealing with new or complex problems, learning quickly, grasping numerical information, spelling and grammar.


6 short, engaging games


Approx. 30 minutes to complete all 6 games

Read about the independent validation and international recognition Cognify has received

Why use Cognify?

Positive candidate experience

Give your candidates a rich, immersive experience


Let’s face it, most candidate assessments aren’t very engaging. Cognify harnesses the power of game-based design thinking, backed by proven and trusted psychometric science, to provide an experience that 80% of candidates recommend.


Get a better picture of candidate aptitude


Traditional assessments rely on single answers to each question. With Cognify, we capture and process thousands of pieces of data, which provide you with a more thorough and complete assessment of abilities.


Use across any role or industry


Cognify has a clean, modern and fresh design, so it appeals to all candidates for any role, from entry-level to experienced and senior hires. And the aptitudes it assesses, such as problem solving, are critical for every occupation.

Cognify includes…

Games assessing Problem Solving 


These three games measure fluid reasoning, which encompasses the candidate’s ability to solve new problems without prior knowledge. This ability influences the capacity to learn quickly on the job and succeed in a role.

Short cuts game

Short Cuts 

Candidates need to move the blue marble from the starting point to the starred area in as few moves as possible.



Candidates need to mentally rotate the image on the left and then replicate it on the right.



Candidates solve a succession of puzzles by fitting all pieces into the grid as quickly as they can.

Games assessing Numerical Reasoning


These two games measure how well a candidate comprehends quantitative and numerical concepts. This ability is important for roles which require numerical knowledge and working with numbers on a day-to-day basis.



Candidates are given a target number, and need to identify and pop the bubbles with an equation that equals the target number.

Tally up

Tally Up 

Candidates need to quickly identify which group of tokens has the highest value.

Game assessing

Verbal Knowledge 


This game assesses the candidate’s breadth of knowledge and ability with written (English) language, particularly spelling, grammar and identifying errors in text. This ability is important in roles which require reading and writing.

Cognify Proof It!

Proof It!

Candidates need to identify as many misspelled words and punctuation errors as possible within the time limit.

What reports will I receive?

Candidates are scored on several different levels, including their overall score across all games, and individual scores for each ability, e.g. problem solving, numerical reasoning, verbal knowledge.

Cognify reporting

In the report you receive for each candidate, you’ll see their overall score for each broad ability, and individual game scores for the games relating to that broad ability.

Cognify overall score for problem solving
Cognify scores for problem solving

Read what candidates are saying… 

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