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What you need to know about psychometric assessments

Taking a Revelian assessment and want more information?

Revelian assessments: what you need to know


Receiving an invitation to complete assessments can be a little nerve-wracking.

We’ve put this page together to help you understand what to expect and how you can make sure you perform at your best.

What are recruitment assessments?


Employers and recruiters use recruitment assessments as a reliable way to objectively assess people’s abilities, or personality, or attitudes, or a combination of these.


They’re designed to provide employers with more information about the people who apply for jobs, so they can get a more complete picture of each candidate they consider.


They also add fairness to the recruitment process by ensuring that every person who applies for a job is considered using the same criteria.

How do I get invited to complete assessments?


Generally speaking, you’ll need to be invited by an employer or recruiter who uses Revelian assessments to assess prospective employees for a position.


There are, however, two assessments you can use to test yourself if you would like to. You can find out more and complete both tests here.

How will I know which assessments I need to complete?


When you log in to start your assessments, you’ll see a list of all of the assessments the employer or recruiter has invited you to complete. You’ll also be able to see approximately how long each one will take, so you can make sure you allow yourself enough time.

How can I prepare for the assessments? Can I study or practice for them?


The absolute best thing you can do before you start your assessments is to make sure you’re feeling well-rested and alert, and ready to give the assessments your best effort.


Before you start each of the assessments, you’ll be given comprehensive instructions and the opportunity to complete some practice questions to familiarise yourself with the process.


In general, Revelian assessments aren’t the kind of tests you can study or practice for: in some cases, there is no right or wrong answer – just your own personal opinions and preferences. And in other cases, the assessments are measuring your innate abilities and aptitudes rather than abilities that can be learned.


For this reason, there’s really no way to study for the assessments and it’s best to focus on ensuring you’re comfortable and won’t be disturbed while you complete your tests.

How can I find out more about a position I’m interested in?


If you see a position advertised by an employer who uses Revelian to collect applications or assess candidates for a position, your best bet if you’d like more information is to contact them directly.


Revelian is not a recruitment agency: we simply provide the systems that our clients use in their recruitment processes.


You can look for contact details on the employer’s website, or try replying to any correspondence you’ve received from them.

Example Tests

Practice Questions

When you log in to complete your assessments, you’ll have the chance to complete some practice questions before you start.


You can also try some example questions:

Cognitive Ability Test


Abstract Reasoning Test


Verbal Reasoning Test


Numerical Reasoning Test

Want to understand your unique behavioural style?

If you’d like to assess yourself, the Revelian Personality Insight Profile helps you to better understand your personality and behavioural style, by using the same tools that recruiters and employers use.


Get insight into:

  • Your natural strengths
  • Your unique behavioural style
  • The role you adopt at work
  • Your personal qualities and motivators.


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