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Develop benchmarks and profiles to make sure you’re hiring more people like your best

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You can’t improve what you don’t measure

We can help you to quantify the attributes of your best people, so you can make sure you hire more people like them.

Get a benchmark

What if you could quantify the cognitive ability levels of your top performers? Or the safety attitudes of your most safe employees? We work with you to analyse your people (a particular group, or location – whatever you need) and create a benchmark for future hiring. That way, you can be confident that you’re only considering people who meet or exceed the levels you’re looking for.

Monitor changes over time

Once you have your initial data, you can observe how it changes over time, and how particular programs or initiatives contribute to changes over time.

For example, if you’re using a safety benchmark to ensure you only hire people whose safety attitudes match your top performers, you would expect your safety costs and incidents to go down over time, and the benchmark itself to increase.

Available benchmarks and profiles

Aptitude or cognitive ability benchmarks

As general mental ability is one of the best predictors of job performance available, it makes sense to understand current levels across your organisation to support a more complete understanding of your team’s capabilities. Such a benchmark adds an important comparison tool to your kit when hiring, because it allows you to rate candidates against existing levels of cognitive ability in the organisation.

Relevant assessments are: Cognitive ability test and Theme Park Hero game-based assessment.

Safety and reliability benchmarks

We can assess current levels of safety behaviour and integrity in your business. This is an excellent starting point for organisations where safety and security are critical drivers of productivity. Get a clear picture of the current attitudes to risk and levels of reliability across your team and then use that to enhance your training or set a standard for recruitment.  Revelian clients that have used a safety benchmark as a shortlisting tool during recruitment have seen reductions in the number of incidents across the business.

Relevant assessments are: Work safety assessment and Work reliability scale.

Personality and team profiling

The Revelian Behavioural Profile offers the unique capability of team profiling. This process produces a profile that combines the unique behavioural characteristics of an existing team, which can then be used in comparison to the profile of candidates applying for new roles. Such a comparison provides insight about the potential influence the candidate would have on the existing dynamic and performance of the team.

Culture and values audits

Our values audit delivers a benchmark for the existing work environment and culture in your business. This can identify both company-wide and unique departmental or team profiles. These profiles provide valuable insight to drive both HR strategy and to inform recruitment. The profile can be used to compare candidates in recruitment to help determine their potential fit.

Relevant assessment: Values inventory

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