Behavioural Profile (DISC)

Understand how people prefer to behave and communicate

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Why is the Behavioural Profile one of our most popular assessments?


Is it because it’s a simple – yet uncannily accurate – assessment of a person’s strengths, motivators, preferred communication styles and workplace behaviour?


Or is it because it only takes 10 minutes to complete, but gives invaluable information about how a person will behave if you hire them – so you can assess how well their personality fits the role requirements?


Or perhaps it’s because it helps teams work together more effectively by assessing how everyone prefers to behave and interact with each other and helping each team member improve the way they communicate and collaborate?


Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: whether you’re hiring new employees or wanting to build more effective teams, the Revelian Behavioural Profile will give you deep insight into each person’s unique behavioural style.

What can I learn from a behavioural profile?


Would you hire a salesperson who prefers not talk to people? An accountant who finds paying attention to detail tedious and boring?


We already know that the best predictor of future job performance is a person’s level of cognitive ability. But this can be undermined if your new employees don’t have the right behavioural style for the role, or don’t fit in well with your existing teams.


The assessment gives you detailed insights into each person’s:

  • Strengths
  • Development areas
  • Communication style
  • Motivators
  • Decision-making style
  • Ideal manager and management style
  • Behaviour when working in a team
  • Communication preferences, and much more.

It also provides a clear road map on how to best manage an employee and help them reach their full potential. This makes it easier to bridge the gap between recruitment and on-boarding.


Behaviour and communication styles


Behaviour at work


24 questions


10 mins (un-timed)

Case Study 

Behavioural profile RBP case study Data#3

HRD Employer of Choice Data#3 discusses how the RBP fosters increased collaboration and productivity across the entire business.

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When should I use the Behavioural Profile assessment?

When recruiting new employees


You can ask shortlisted candidates to complete the behavioural profile before they attend an interview. This gives you a nice snapshot of their personality and preferred styles, and you can raise any questions or concerns about their answers during the interview.


And – if you end up hiring the candidate – the behavioural profile report is an excellent tool to help the new hire with their on-boarding. You can give a copy of the report to his or her new manager to help them understand their new employee more quickly and understand how to motivate and manage them more effectively.

When developing your current employees


Imagine how much your employees and teams could benefit from a better understanding of how they prefer to behave at work: what motivates them, their strengths, their areas for development, and how they currently adapt their natural preferences to perform their current role.


People are more effective when they understand themselves: how they prefer to behave at work and the kinds of situations they might find challenging.
And teams are more collaborative and impactful when they understand each person’s preferences and differences, and how to relate to people who have significantly different styles to themselves.

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What’s involved in the assessment?

Candidates will complete 24 questions that require to choose which of 4 items is most like them, and which is least like them.


The assessment is not timed and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Abstract reasoning example question

What reports will I receive?


Once your candidates or employees have completed their assessment, you will instantly receive a report detailing their outcomes. Although the psychological background behind our tests is complex, our reports are not. Easy-to-interpret graphics and clearly labelled outcomes make it easy for anyone to understand the content.


The report is one of our most comprehensive and  is chock-full of information about each person, including:

  • A table that shows how their styles fit within the 4 basic factors of DISC
  • A list of their motivators and communication and decision-making styles
  • The unique value they bring to your organisation
  • Their development areas
  • A map showing their natural and adapted behavioural styles
  • How they prefer to work with others
  • How their natural and adpated styles differ across factors such as motivation, communication and decision-making.
Example behavioural profile report

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