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Some problems are simple. Others are not.

If your business regularly deals with complex challenges, you need employees with high-level problem-solving skills.

Why should I assess abstract reasoning?

A candidate who aces the Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test is likely to have a number of positive qualities that make them more hire-able.


For example, there’s a high chance they’ll be able to:

  • Grasp concepts quickly, even those which are new, ambiguous or complicated
  • Develop creative ideas and come up with innovative solutions
  • Solve problems effectively using non-verbal communication
  • Make sound, logical decisions based on abstract information.

Someone who excels in abstract reasoning will typically perform well in roles that involve working with conceptual information – and there are very few occupations where this isn’t a factor!


Abstract reasoning ability


Abstract aspects of job performance


32 questions


10 mins (timed)

How does the test work?

Candidates have 10 minutes to answer as many questions out of 32 as they can. The time limit ensures the person is placed under some pressure, just as they will be in the workplace. Most candidates won’t complete all 32 questions in the time limit.


Unlike our verbal reasoning test or numerical reasoning test, which use words and numbers respectively, the questions in this assessment focus on pictures and shapes. This means a person’s mathematical or linguistic abilities won’t influence their results. As such, abstract reasoning tests are considered to be culturally fair and unbiased.


Several different types of questions can appear during the test. For example, candidates may be asked to:

  • Pick out an odd picture from a group of images, or
  • Complete a visual sequence, or
  • Identify the relationship between images.


Questions are randomly streamed by our Linear-on-the-Fly (LOTF) software, so no two candidates can receive the exact same test.

Abstract reasoning example question

Once your candidates have completed their abstract reasoning test, you will instantly receive a report detailing their outcomes. Though the psychological background behind our tests is complex, our reports are not. Easy-to-interpret graphs and clearly labelled values allow you to make rapid decisions about who should go through to the next round of recruitment.


To make informed decisions about each candidate, you can also compare their results with up to three of the following normative groups:

  • Your current workforce
  • Employed adults in general
  • A particular management level (such as graduates)
  • A particular industry group (e.g. finance, engineering, resources).


As our assessments have been developed and reviewed by registered psychologists, you can expect reliable outcomes and insights. This means you can feel confident when you make the call to your shortlisted applicants.


Keep in mind that abstract reasoning – even if it’s crucial to your business – is only one box that a candidate may or may not check. If you want to assess general mental ability or aptitude, we recommend using the cognitive ability test, which measures verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning in a single assessment.

Example position report - abstract reasoning
Example individual report - abstract reasoning

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